Simon Charlier / Guitar

Simon Charlier was born in Arlon in September the 14, 1991. He grew up in Neufchâteau in the Ardennes.

He started playing guitar at the age of 7 years old by attending classes at the Music Academy of Saint-Hubert. By growing up, he realized he wanted to make a career in music and that’s how he now enters its final year with Hugues Kolp as professor in Liege Royal Conservatory.

He also learned electric guitar by his own.

He has been part of different rock and metal band as 4 Watt who was lucky to have one of his songs on an American compilation.

He got a modest project of French songs where he has the opportunity to play his own songs, written and composed by himself. This project is called Simon Toucour.

His main quality is eclecticism, he loves classical guitar as much as electrical and likes to play in different styles such as metal, Classical or French songs.

He is also part of a group of black metal called Sercati who already has several albums.


Karime Hendor / Flute

It is in St. Claude Music school, in the class of Martine Voeltzel, that he comfirms his flutist vocation, before being admitted in the Music Academy of Dijon in the class of Martine Charlot (soloist at the Opera of Dijon). He obtained in 2002 a first prize in flute, and in 2004 a first prize in chamber music whit congratulations.

To improve always more, he joined the Regional Conservatory of Boulogne-Billancourt in 2005 which awarded him the first prize in the class of Celine Nessi (soloist at the Paris Opera).
Being moved by his deep sensitivity, his skills are appreciated in ensembles and orchestras who want his participation, especially the symphony orchestra of the St. Claude Music school, with whom he has accompanied famous soloists: Dominique Merlet, Pierre-Yves Artaud, Philippe Cuper, Marie-Annick Nicolas Hervé Joulain … He has strong relations with the teachers orchestra of the Conservatoire Departmental of Oyonnax. He participate at several of their concerts.

Emmanuel Henrion / Guitar

Emmanuel Henrion is a native of Brabant, where he join the Music Academy of La
Hulpe to learn guitar. At the age of eighteen, he went to study jazz at the jazz studio in Antwerp for a year and then moved to Brussels to study at the Forest Academy under the guidance of Johan Fostier to prepare for joining the Conservatory Liège in September 2011.

After five years of study under the guidance of Hughes Kolp and Adrian Brogna, Emmanuel Henrion has now graduated from the Royal Conservatory of Liège for the guitar and as well for teaching the instrument.

In addition to his work related to the classical guitar, Emmanuel also practice the trombone in recent years. He is most active with this instrument nowadays through various musical projects ranging from hip hop to improvised music; through projects like The Band “Babelouze” directed by Michel Massot. Under the influence of Michel Massot, teacher in improvisation, Emmanuel Henrion present a particular interest for the improvised music that he continues to study. He is now a member of « L’oeil Collectif », in Liege a collective of young musicians cultivating a common interest in improvisation. This entertainement for improvised music, hip-hop or jazz, show the interest of Emmanuel for all modern music and his need to constantly meeting new musical universe.

As a graduate in teaching guitar, Emmanuel has already had the chance to practice pedagogy, teaching for two years in the music school “Casino” in Vivegnis.